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Diesel Violetta Boots
A sexy lace-up booty. Open mesh/vacchetta or Brazilian-tanned French Distress leather suede upper. Sporty webbing and vachetta/suede deco stripes. Breathable, anti-microbial footbed material. Lightly padded footbed for added comfort and shock absorption. A fashionable 2 inch heel. Cemented construction. calendar outsole with ABS heel. Pick up a pair today!
Color: Lime
Brand: Women's Diesel Boots
Name: Diesel Violetta Boots

Diesel Shasta Boots
A casual dress low lace-up with traditional hiker influence. Destressed leather/suede trim, for long beautiful wear. Sock and upper lining canvas. Laces with sport lace hooks. Bellows tongue, and a breathable, anti-microbial footbed material. A comfortable 2 1/2 inch heel. Calendar O/S with ABS heel. Update your wardrobe today, with this stylish shoe.
Color: Black
Brand: Women's Diesel Boots
Name: Diesel Shasta Boots


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