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Clarks Buoy Sandals
Its what youll feel just by looking at this shoe, let alone wearing it. Buoyed. Uplifted. Vulcanized rubber sole and wrapper for ultra durability and suspension. Microfiber wrapped anatomic polyurethane footbed for super shock absorption. PU midsole to customize your ride.
Color: Red/Hay/White/Pink
Brand: Women's Clarks Sandals
Name: Clarks Buoy Sandals

Clarks Boomerang Sandals
As far as you take these babies, theyll return the favor. For what may look simple in form, is rather sophisticated in function. Fitting you on the fly with adjustable full-grain leather bindings, reducing flight stress with ultra light rubber outsoles and EVA midsoles.
Color: Aztec Waxy Leather
Brand: Women's Clarks Sandals
Name: Clarks Boomerang Sandals

Clarks Lapis Sandals
True blue comfort is the bottom line here. Because this comfort isnt about biomechanical savvy, its about street smarts. Cement construction provides lightweight yet stable support. Leather wrapped latex footbed envelopes your sole. Full-grain leather uppers breathe & move with you.
Color: Black/White
Brand: Women's Clarks Sandals
Name: Clarks Lapis Sandals

Clarks Lancaster Sandals
Its the color that stirs the imagination with this beauty. The vegetable tanned upper is sleek and supportive. single density PU sole and low-density PU footbed synergize to keep you oh-so-comfortable long into the wee hours.
Color: Black Leather
Brand: Women's Clarks Sandals
Name: Clarks Lancaster Sandals

Clarks York Sandals
Super lightweight rubber outsole shaped to put a spring in your step. Cement construction adds flexibility to the stabilizing forces of the sole. EVA midsole lightens things up even further and adds to the overall resilience of the frame. Cow glove and mesh fabric lining lets you slip in, not out.
Color: Brown Oily Leather
Brand: Men's Clarks Sandals
Name: Clarks York Sandals


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